Digital Marketing

Eracomms is a digital marketing company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide a portfolio of online marketing services for small and medium enterprises and large companies.

We help clients promote their products and brands through the internet; incorporating accredited strategies to give them a superior online presence.

Customers want brands they can trust, companies that they know, communication that is personalized and relevant, offers tailored to their needs and preferences. At eracomms we take time to engage our clients and understand their line of products and services, their target group so as to customize our services in a particular way.

Our digital marketing services encompass: website audit, online presence analysis, Website design, search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing

Through our digital marketing services we are able to monitor viewership, sales conversions, what works and what does not work in particular industries. We also provide monthly reports regarding the various subscribed services.

digital marketing services in Kenya
digital marketing services in kenya

Our Digital Marketing Services:

  • Online presence analysis
  • Website design services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

We recommend adopting the digital marketing services listed below for an overall performance online.

Digital marketing is so prevalent and enables consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it through various devices.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Website Audit

Online Presence Analysis

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising

PortfolioOf Related Services

We do not only provide SEO and Internet Marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly Web Design, Pay Per click advertising, website audits, Social Media Marketing, Branding and several others.

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